Wallace Deer Management Association

Dear Homeowner:

We are a group of dedicated, experienced, and professional bowhunters organized to manage the local deer population.  Management of the deer population has taken on increased urgency as interaction between man and deer has changed from positive to negative.  Deer/vehicle collisions, landscape damage, lack of habitat regeneration and Lyme disease are very real concerns to all citizens.  As the deer population continues to grow and our township becomes more suburbanized, we all have a responsibility to be actively involved in deer management.  Deer actually thrive in a suburbanized area.

Management is not a quick fix.  It takes years to bring the population in line with available food and habitat.  We will match our members with landowners who have an overpopulation of deer and reduce the heard, primarily adult females.  Deer harvested will be donated to Sharing the Harvest program developed by the state.  This program provides food to the hungry and shelters in the area.  As the enclosed study on Deer Management Options more fully discusses, private regulated hunting is ecologically sound, socially beneficial and fiscally responsible.

Safety and landowner relations are our most basic policy.  Our members must abide by a strict set of rules formulated to meet the special needs of suburban landowners.  Potential members are interviewed and must meet a stringent shooting proficiency test.  United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania and completion of the National Bowhunter Education Foundation Safety course is required.  All members must comply with the Pennsylvania Game Laws and any rules unique to the properties we manage.  We carry liability and property damage insurance, and will provide you with a certificate as an additional insured on our $1,000,000 general liability policy.

We hope this brief introduction will encourage you to more fully discuss our program with us, and to join other landowners that have adopted our management program.  Hopefully, with your cooperation, we can work toward the goal of reaching an acceptable balance between deer, humans, other wildlife and plants in the area.


Wallace Deer Management Association



Servicing Wallace Township and Surrounding Areas

Wallace Deer Management Association

License Number:

Each participating landowner will receive a list of approved members, their vehicle description and license number prior to the season.

Parking identification permit:

WDMA parking identification permits will be displayed in the window or on the dashboard of member vehicles to provide the landowner and local authorities with a quick reference as to who is parking on their property.

Harvest data:

Consolidated harvest data will be provided upon request to all program participants and local officials.


List of landowner references is available by request.